About Color range

About Color range

MIST supports both FULL and HEAD color ranges.
  1. FULL refers to the full color range data signal (0 -1023 values).
  2. HEAD (SMPTE) is about the TV legal levels (64-940 values) commonly used by the TV broadcasting system.
The deliverable must always be coherent with the source material. 

The MIST's color pipeline works always in Full range. When it finds the range in the media's metadata, MIST sets the range at Head (Source - Prime IN - Range tab). But if it can't see or if the range is not present in the metadatas it lets the range at full.

If in source you set it to Head, then the colors will be converted to Full range, because as we said before, MIST works in Full range.    

That is a question of terminology: if you choose "Head" in your source range, it doesn't mean "work with this clip in legal range." It means "this clip is legal range. Scale that legal range to fill the full range that MIST uses internally. 

Setting "Head" when you render back to an output then means "scale the 0-1023 range from MIST to 64-940 and put that in my render file."
When your project is created, you can change the color range and switch one to another: go to the GRADE panel then SOURCE tab and go to PRIM IN. 

If your video output is in Head, then for Source set the range on Full. This will prevent MIST from applying any color conversion and the signal will be sent as is to the video out.

For the QC, you have to check the  range used by your monitoring display too. Go to your project settings (F1), VIDEO OUTPUT:

You can also check the original range of your source by checking the clip properties in the METADATA tab of the Control Panel 

The Export of the content can be done in MIST manually, using Custom deliveries, or using Templates. Those templates have the Range already configured according to the delivery specifications and you cannot modify it.

For custom workflows, in DELIVER, select your export format, and in VIDEO select the Range of your choice.

Some Formats also have the Range set per default when the HEAD range is part of the format specifications.

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