Conforming PNG files with an EDL for image burnin

Conforming PNG files with an EDL for image burnin

Sometimes, the subtitles are a creative intent by themselves.
In this case, it could be complex and/or impossible for a mastering system and a DCP player to handle some specific fonts and effects.
The solution is often to burn these graphics on the picture.


For this tutorial, we will work with closed captions which contains a lot of color codes. The screenshot below shows a PNG sequence with alpha and an EDL file :


  1. First, prepare the timeline with your video content.
  2. Click « IMPORT » at the bottom of the timeline.
  1. Browse MIST file system to choose the EDL file : 

  1. The Edit Decision List Panel is opened directly after the EDL import :

  1. Choose « New Layer » to add the EDL to the existing composition :

  1. Now a new video track is added to our composition :

  1. Click CONFORMING on the menu bar : a new window appears with all the assets included in the composition.

Choose « SYSTEM » and locate your media with MIST file System:

  1. Set Destination to choose the directory in the Project Media where you want to reference the files.
  2. Choose « FILE » in the « Match name » line :

  1. At the « File Name » line, set « TAG » and choose « CLIP » :

  1. Just add manually the extension file (.PNG) :

In this case, in our composition, we already have a some linked files, our source content. Use  Sel Unlinked to select only the unlinked PNGs :

  1. We can see that the MXFs from the DCP are not selected :

  1. Now we can apply our settings with the « SET » button to the « FILE NAME » line :

The tag and the extension which we added are applied in the « FILE NAME » column :

  1. Now, just click the « MATCH » button to launch the conform process :

In this example, we used closed caption with different color codes : 

Your Composition is now ready for Export.

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