Creating an IMF Supplemental Package

Creating an IMF Supplemental Package

I. Prepare the IMF Project

With Mist, you can directly import an IMF Package, that will create automatically the project will all the CPLs listed in Compositions.

You can then inspect the package:

and possibly perform a validation:

In this case our source is an Application 2e with Netflix specifications. This is the reason why we have warnings regarding the other applications

By clicking on OK, MIST creates a new timeline with the package's assets.

One video track and a 5.1 soundfield are packaged in one segment (marked as Reel):

In this example, we want to add a logo at the beginning of the Original Version:

Here, we add the logo at the start.

The media are now longer than the composition and the reel. We need to fit them. Even if it's not obliged to manage reels as in a DCP, we will adopt the same way.

First, fit the composition by Ctrl + right click on the timeline (or Ctrl+alt+F ).

Second, manage reels with a right click to use the « Auto-Reels » function: 

II. The Master Delivery module

Click DELIVER on the menu bar of the TimeLine to access the Master Delivery Panel and choose IMF in the format List:

To create the supplemental package, we need to modify the name.
In this example, we have added LOGO and changed the OV label by VF-1.

Select the appropriate Application in the list:

After that, modify the CPL title and PKL Annotation in the respective COMPOSITION PLAYLIST and PACKING LIST tabs.

In the NAMING tab, we can use some tags to name the assets.
Here we want that each asset takes the name of the composition.
For that, we need to use the $PackageName$ tag:

Additional Package Type

1. The Differential Package

In MIST, the supplemental package is called « Differential Package ».
That means that we want to create a new package with the new assets only.
The composition playlist of this package will need the assets of the original one to be playable.

To create the paquet, we need to export the supplemental version from the OV's timeline. Set the package type to Differential and MIST will process the additional media only.

As we see, the VF-1 have only one MXF video file around 88Mo.
MIST has just re-encoded the logo.

2. Package update

If we need or prefer to manage only one main package, we can use the Update Package method.
To have this method enabled, we need first, in the destination field, to browse and point the original package.

A drop down-menu for METHOD is now accessible:

  • Create New Package will create a supplemental package inside the original one
  • Update Package & New Packing List will create a new PKL for each CPL
  • Update Package & Update Packing List will keep only one PKL that refers all the IMF essences

The first two options are more flexible because you can delete them if you've done something wrong and start again. With the third option, you will need to edit the PKL and delete some lines to pass a validation test.

With the Update Package method, you can built an IMF with all the essences and CPLs at the root of the package or specify an arrangement with a sub-folder for each new version file.

Export with sub-folder:

Export without sub-folder:

This package type uses the hardlink technology. In what case may you need it:

  • It does the same packaging than the Full Package but it's an instant process. You just need to export this one in the same volume than the original package.

  • It's very interesting when you want to build an IMF with only one CPL and its concerned assets. A kind of consolidation when you have a whole IMF with a multiple version files.

The result will be an instant built (except the hashing) of a new simple IMF package with one CPL and its assets:

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