Key Delevery Message (KDM) Formulations

Key Delevery Message (KDM) Formulations

There are five different formulations defined in the SMPTE ST 430-1 KDM standard.

MIST and KEYMaster handle four of them : 

Transitional 1T1This formulation contains only the recipient's certificate thumbprint. It's an obsolete formulation compliant with Interop content only, that should not be used anymore.
Modified Transitional 1MT1Contains only DCI « assume trust » certificate thumbprint compliant with both Interop and SMPTE content. This one is supposed to disappear in the future.
DCI anyDAContains only DCI « assume trust » certificate thumbprint compliant with SMPTE content only.
DCI SpecificDSContains one or more valid remote SPB or projector SPB certificates thumbprints compliant with SMPTE content only.

For more information about the formulations :

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